About us

Congratulations for deciding to empower yourself with knowledge and improve your skill set. You have taken a very important and commendable step.

Customised Curriculum offers people of all walks of life the opportunity to learn invaluable skills, without the heavy price tag or unnecessary hurdles.

We've focused specifically on providing training courses that are genuinely beneficial for you and your loved ones. From learning more about what your smartphone or computer has to offer, to being able to act in a medical emergency; or doing well in your GCSE or A Level exams; our training courses are here to help you grow, inspire and attain a better life.

Our organisation was a long time in the making. We wanted to find the very best teachers who not only have the professional qualifications, skills and experience to lead a class, but to also possess that essential 'magic' that makes our students' time more enjoyable, easy-to-understand, and to ignite a passion for learning.

The training courses we decided to run are focused on bringing real benefit to our students' lives. That's why we carried out so much research into finding training courses that everyone can enjoy, and use in everyday life.

Our four pillars of strength
As part of our mission to help people, we wanted to develop a simple mantra - a kind of positioning statement for our team to remember and be driven by.

1. RESPECT - to always treat people with the utmost respect... never judging, assuming or finding reason to not give our students 100%.

2. TRUST - to always deliver on our promises, to never let anyone down or hinder their progress.

3. ACCOUNTABILITY - If we get something wrong, to 'own it', learn from it, correct it, and do better next time around.

4. PASSION - to make things fun, engaging, useful and to do everything in our power to see that our students reach their full potential, and achieve better, quicker results.

We believe that every student who chooses us is an individual in their own right. That's why we are more than happy to discuss your ambitions before booking a training course.

We'll answer any questions you may have, and do everything we can to allay any fears. For many, this kind of tutoring is the first they've experienced since leaving school or university. Just call us on 020 8907 5522 or use the contact form.

Alternatively, if you're raring to go, you can directly book one of our courses here, or find further info at our FAQ page. We're looking forward to helping you achieve a better life.

Great professional tutors for science and maths! Everything is smooth and swift from booking and communication. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to tutor their children.

Priteshb, London

Professional tutoring agency!

Michael, Harrow

Good dedicated tutors for maths lessons, booked them for my son and daughter's gcse and a level maths tuition.

Kirpal Singh, Wembley

"Customised Curriculum were absolutely amazing in helping me with my Excel skills, James was so patient with me and what I learned enable me to go for a better job".

Sarah Smith, London

The First Aid course was very informative, the tutor was knowledgeable and the lunch provided was lovely and we all were well looked after.

Hycinth Johnson, Pinner