Case Studies

Case Study: 1

Title: Mrs

Customer's initials: LE

Customer heard about our services from our leaflet distribution campaign and contacted us to enquire about our training services to improve her digital literacy skills. The customer owned an old mobile phone (Nokia) and wanted to upgrade to a smartphone (Android or iPhone) but had no knowledge or experience of using a smartphone (Android or iPhone).

Customer was a senior citizen, living on her own, and wanted to keep in touch with families and friends who had moved away. The customer felt that the world was going digital on her, and everything had to be done online these days and she felt, she was being left behind.

After our assessment of the customer knowledge and skills, it was highlighted that the customer had low digital skills and will benefit enormously from the support and development of her key digital skills such as using devices, using technology to communicate, creating, and editing digital media, buying, and transacting online and how to stay safe and secure when using technology.

After having a trial lesson with a professional ICT trainer for an hour at her home, customer went on and booked further lessons and had in total of 15 hours of smartphone training with CCL in the comfort of her home. Customer completed her digital literacy training before covid-19 pandemic disrupted our day-to-day activities.

The training covered the following areas:
• What is a smartphone?
• Types of smartphones?
• The basics of smartphone
• Calls and text and apps
• Internet
• Email
• Photos & videos
• Bluetooth
• Entertainments
• Settings

Having purchased a new smartphone (Android) after consulting with our ICT Trainer and having had 15 hours of smartphone training with CCL, the customer has gained confidence and is now comfortable in using her smartphone to call, text, send and receive pictures and videos, use google to access information and use WhatsApp to make and receive free video calls.

In addition, customer can now book an online appointment with her GP and place an order for repeat prescription for her medicine online.

After her training was completed, CCL kept in touch via texts or calls with the customer and from time to time assisted her with her queries or helped her out when she got stuck.

And we received a lovely "thank you" card from the customer acknowledging the confidence she has gained in using her smartphone with our ICT Trainer's assistance and support.

Case Study: 2

Title: Mr

Customer's initials: JH

The customer found our services on google search engine and contacted us to discuss our tutorial services for triple science i.e., biology, chemistry, and physics for two of his Mandarin Language students for year 10 (GCSE). The customer is a schoolteacher himself and manages a Mandarin Language school in London for his local community.

Having discussed with the students, their learning requirements, needs, expectations and availability CCL organised an online free trial lesson (one hour) via zoom for each student i.e. Miss Y and Mr Z. We informed the customer and the students that they can decide after their free trial lessons if they are happy to start learning with us.

After their trial lesson Miss Y booked 3 x 1-hour lessons per week and Mr Z booked 2 x 1-hour lessons per week with us, on 'Pay as you learn' basis. Our professional educators have been helping both students since early October 2020 to May 2021 preparing them for their GCSE teacher's assessment grades (no GCSE examination this year) for year 10 due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Miss Y was A grade (predicted) student while Mr Z was a B grade (predicted) student, prior to engaging our services. And for this year's teacher's assessment grades (2021), Miss Y has gained A* while Mr Z gained an A and both students have now moved to year 11.

CCL were able to meet both students/parents and the customer's (JC) expectations because CCL used professional educators who are qualified and experienced in their subject specialism and are delivering the respective core subjects in schools on a day-to-day basis.

We also provided each student with the recordings of each lesson they had with their respective teacher and recommended that they save these recordings as a library for referencing.

In addition, CCL educators provided the students with all the resources needed for example past papers, mock tests, tutor's handouts, lesson feedback forms, formative, and summative reports to name a few to consolidate both teaching/learning practices.

We received a positive text response from the customer (JC) and both students will be continuing their tuition services with us in early October 2021. Our teachers will be preparing both students for their final GCSE exams for year 11 (2022) before they embark on their A Levels studies (2022) year 12.

Case Study: 3

Title: Mr

Customer's initials: AR

We were contacted by the prospective customer interested in Excel Training at Intermediate Level for eight of his staff members. Customer searched and found our services on google search engine. The customer owns a property managing company which includes residential sales and lettings.

The customer being an employer wanted to improve his and his employees' knowledge and skills in using excel spreadsheet. This was a family run business and the customer and his employees wanted to consolidate their skills in using excel spreadsheet for storing data, sharing data, analysing data, visualising data, performing calculations, automating tasks, producing daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly financial forecasting, printing report, using, and sharing excel online.

Our IT consultant and the ICT trainer conducted assessments with each individual staff member on their knowledge and skills in using excel application. It was highlighted that some members had a basic knowledge while others had average knowledge of using excel application which was mostly self-taught by watching You Tube videos or reading up on the respective subject. However, all the individuals shared a common problem, they had difficulties using the formulas and functions features at various levels within excel application.

The assessments conducted involved asking questions, performing certain tasks or scenarios, and completing a check list to enrol a learner on a basic, intermediary, or advance level training, the in-house assessment diagnostic test was created by our internal quality assurance manager, and it is an accurate tool for CCL to use for the enrolment of learners.

Following the assessment, we understood that the problem would arise delivering the lesson to the group because of the difference in their level of knowledge, skills, and abilities in using the excel application. We recommended a full day intensive training course that would focus on those learners with a basic knowledge and skills and organise a training package (basic to intermediary) to improve their basic knowledge and progress these learners to intermediary level of using excel application. And on the other hand, organise another training package (intermediary to advance) to focus on those learners with average knowledge and skills and progress these learners to advance level of using excel application. These would require 2 ICT trainers, one for intermediary level and one for advance level, this was discussed and agreed by both the customer and us.

These would be the most practical solution for planning and delivering the training to the employees. The employer was loathe to interrupt business operations during the week, so we agreed to hold the training session on a Sunday, and there was no issue or concerns raised from the customers or us.

CCL arranged a 1-day intensive training on a weekend (Sunday) using 2 ICT trainers one for each group. The course started at 9 am and finished at 5 pm. There was a lunch break and regular comfort break throughout the training. The ICT Trainers were very accommodating throughout the training and regularly asked the learners if they needed a break.

The instructor-led excel training was delivered via zoom and all training resources were provided to the candidates prior to the start of the training for example tutor's handouts, tasks, examples, scenarios, exercises, and feedback form;

The 1-day training consisted of the following topics: Basic to Intermediary
1. Working with Large Worksheets
2. Working with Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks
3. Working with dates
4. Conditional formulas and formatting
5. List Management
6. Documenting and Auditing
7. Using Templates

The 1-day training consisted of the following topics: Intermediary to Advance
1. Formulas and Functions
2. PivotTables
3. Charts
4. Data Tables
5. Macros
6. Auditing
7. Tracking Changes

After having delivered the respective training and following on with staff members feedback of the training delivered, it was decided by the employer that three of the staff members would require a further 2 hours of intermediary training each on a 1 to 1 basis. We also provide all learners with the recording of their training which they could save and use as a resource accordingly.

In addition, two more staff members were enrolled on advanced training on PivotTables for 6 hours each on a 1 to 1 basis.

On couple of occasions the customer has requested us to organise and deliver Outlook (Advance) and PowerPoint (Advance) online training to certain members of staff.

And on some occasions, we have helped the customer and his staff members with their queries on Microsoft Office applications and assisted them when they do get stuck or get into difficulties. The extra support we provide our customers after they have completed their training with us is free of charge. We have maintained a good relationship with the customers and from time to time we get referrals from them.

Case Study: 4

Title: Mrs

Customer's initials: JT

The prospective customer was referred to us by one of our previous customer. The prospective customer wanted to learn and consolidate her excel skills at intermediary level especially with regards to formulas and functions in excel spreadsheet. Customer was keen and eager to secure a role within the admin and clerical field as an administrator and was aware that she needs to consolidate her Microsoft Office applications skills and knowledge.

CCL arranged an introductory meeting for the customer with her respective ICT trainer to carry out an assessment and to discuss customer's learning requirements and availability.

After discussing and agreeing on her action plan and availability with her ICT trainer the customer booked 2 x 1-hour lessons per week for six weeks with us. Lessons were delivered online via zoom.

The customer was comfortable using excel spreadsheet but struggled with formulas and functions. After six weeks and with the help and support from her ICT trainer she become competent in using these formulas and functions with weekly tutoring and homework.

Apart from excel tutoring, her ICT tutor also assisted and supported the customer in her job search activities, suggesting amendments to her curriculum vitae to target specific roles she was applying for primarily in admin and clerical sector.

Eventually after 12 hours of excel training and continuous and dedicated job searching activities the customer managed to secure an interview with an employer and was offered an administrative role in a solicitor firm as a fulltime administrator based in Rayners Lane in Harrow.

Customer started her new role in the first week of September 2021 but is continuing with her excel training with us because she wants to improve her excel knowledge and skills further and it is also needed in her new job role.

Customer is continuing with her excel lessons with us for 1-hour per week and at weekend only.

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