Microsoft Excel Pivot Table Training Course - 1 day (Instructor-led lessons) for employers and staff

Minimum Quantity: 6

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Title: Microsoft Excel Pivot Table Training Course

Version: Designed for Microsoft Excel 365, 2019, 2016, 2013 & 2010

Who is this training for?
Our Microsoft Excel Pivot Table course is suitable for those users who have a basic working knowledge Pivot Table and want to acquire knowledge to consolidate their skills and have a greater understanding of utilising the more complex and sophisticated features within Excel.

Prerequisites A basic working knowledge of Pivot Tables is required.

At the end of this course, you will be able to analyse, sort, summarise, forecast, and formulate reports using credible data, for faster and easier results.

  • Pivot Tables are user-friendly
  • Pivot Table can create instant data
  • Pivot Table makes data analysis easier
  • Pivot Table summarises data easily
  • Pivot Table assists in finding data patterns
  • Pivot Table creates accurate reports faster
  • Pivot tables can help in making decisions faster.

What will you learn on this Microsoft Pivot Table Training Course?

1. Pivot Table Fundamentals
2. Creating Basic Pivot Tables
3. Pivot Table Views
4. Pivot Table Calculations
5. Pivot Charts
6. Working with Data Sources
7. Automating Pivot Tables with Macros

Subject areas covered are listed in detailed in the the Curriculum tab above.

Course Level: Level 3

Teaching Method: Online tutoring using Cisco Webex or Zoom as our online tutoring platform.

Hours: 6 hours (Instructor-led lessons)

Classroom Size: 6 students

Teaching Hours
Monday to Friday - 9:30am to 5pm
Saturday and Sunday - 10:30am to 6pm

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  • We will provide you with a structured lesson plan, course exercises, tutor notes and helpful tips.

Price: £180.00 per person (To provide a quality service, we've limited the classroom size to 6 candidates).

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Course Syllabus

Subject areas covered:
1. Pivot Table Fundamentals
2. Creating Basic Pivot Tables
3. Pivot Table Views
4. Pivot Table Calculations
5. Pivot Charts
6. Working with Data Sources
7. Automating Pivot Tables with Macros

Module: Pivot Table Fundamentals

  • What is a Pivot Table?
  • When and why use a Pivot Table?
  • Anatomy of a Pivot Table
  • Limitations of Pivot Tables

Module: Creating Basic Pivot Tables

  • Preparing your data
  • Tabular Layout
  • Removing Section Headings
  • Removing Repeated Column Groups
  • Eliminating Gaps
  • Type Formatting
  • Creating Pivot Tables
  • Adding Fields
  • Adding Layers
  • Altering Structure
  • Report Filters
  • Managing Changes in Your Source Data
  • Dynamic Named Ranges
  • Dealing with Zeroes Subtotals Summary Calculations
  • Running totals
  • Differences (year on year, month on month)
  • Percentages of Rows, Columns, Totals and other fields
  • Running Totals and Top 10 reports
  • Pivot Table Tools
  • Layout Updates
  • Refreshing & Restarting
  • Moving Pivot Tables

Module: Pivot Table Views

  • Conditional formatting
  • Sorting, Filtering and Re-ordering
  • Saving Custom Views

Module: Pivot Table Calculations

  • Calculated Fields and Items
  • Managing & maintaining Pivot Table calculations

Module: Pivot Charts

  • What is a Pivot Chart?
  • Creating a Pivot Chart
  • Pivot Chart Rules
  • Managing the underlying data
  • Adding Layers
  • Altering Structure
  • Pivot Chart Alternatives
  • Dynamic Charts
  • Transition Tables

Module: Working with Data Sources

  • Consolidating multiple sheets or ranges of data
  • Using external data sources (Access)

Module: Automating Pivot Tables with Macros

  • Introducing Macros
  • Recording Pivot Table macros
  • Tidying and refining recorded macros

Services: Remote Learning, Online Classes, On-site Group Training.

Course Delivery Location: Our online tutorial services are delivered using Cisco or Zoom as our virtual training platform and you can start learning in the comfort of your home without the need to travel.

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Booked Maths GCSE & A level lessons for my daughters. Excellent tuition and support. I am very happy with my children's progress.

Murali Krishna IT Consultant, Wembley

Great professional tutors for science and maths! Everything is smooth and swift from booking and communication. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to tutor their children.

Priteshb, London

Our organisation used Customised Curriculum to improve our staff's IT skills in using Excel spreadsheet. We were provided with a professional trainer, resources and support.

Ameet Radia, Simpson Reid Property Consultants

"Customised Curriculum were absolutely amazing in helping me with my Excel skills, James was so patient with me and what I learned enable me to go for a better job".

Sarah Smith, London

We had to persevere as no maths tutors were available to provide home tuition because of the pandemic and they organise online maths tuition for my daughter and she is happy. Thank you.

Ashok Varma, Kingsbury, Harrow