Android/iPads/Windows Tablet Training (Home Visits)


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Course Title: Android or iPad or Windows Tablet Training.

Course Level: Basic

Teaching Method: Home based tuition (learn in the comfort of your home with our expert trainers). Due to Covid-19, we are unable to provide home visits. However, we are able to provide you with 2 hours of online training for the same price.

Location: London

Hours: 1 hour for home visit or 2 hours online training.

Tutor's Rates: £70 per hour for home visit or 2 hours online training.

Who is the training for?
The training is designed for people who want to familiarise and use their android tablets comfortably without being overwhelmed by technology. Our digital literacy training gives an individual the skills and confidence to access information and services online and stay in touch with family and friends and be independent.

Entry requirement:
No experience needed; own a personal android tablet; brands of android tablets are Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo, Google or any other android tablets or iPad tablets by Apple or Windows tablets by Hewlett-Packard (HP).

You will be able to use your android tablet's functionalities in a way that really makes your life easier and you will be able to impress your family and friends and be independent.

Payment Methods:

  • Credit or Debit Card
  • Email PayByLink (Invoiced Payment)
  • Telephone
  • Bank Transfer

If you need help with booking your lesson(s) with us or you want to discuss your learning needs with us.

Call us today on 0208 907 55 22. We're here to help, see Curriculum Tab above for further information.

Course Syllabus:

1. What is Android Tablet?
2. Recognising the different icons and symbols on your android tablet.
3. Understanding these icons and symbols and their functionalities on your android tablet.
4. Using the touchscreen comfortably without being overwhelmed by technology.
5. Using your keyboard
6. Using the camera functionality comfortably for capturing images, saving images, attaching images, sending images, shooting a video, saving a video, attaching a video, sending a video, using flash, using timer, using effect, and using setting.
7. Connecting to Wi-Fi
8. Email Setup
9. Using Skype
10. Accessing the internet
11. What is a browser
12. Using Search Engines
13. Accessing Website for relevant information
14. Understanding security
15. Being safe.

Teaching Method: Home based tuition (learn in the comfort of your home with our expert trainers).

Assessment Method:
Hands on activities, completing assignments, multiple choice questionnaire, questions and answers, reviewing your individual learning plan with your tutor.

Resources You Will Need:
Personal android tablet, a notepad and a pen if you need to take notes.

Empower your technology skills and impress your family and friends.

How to Apply:
We will assist you if you need assistance with booking your lesson(s) or if you need to discuss your learning needs with us.

Call us on 0208 907 5522, we are available from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. We're here to help.

Course Delivery Location: London.

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