Local Services

Local Government Funded Courses for adult jobseekers who are looking to improve their skill set.

CV Boosting Programme:

1. Awareness of Social Media and Online Safety
2. Equality and Diversity
3. Internet Safety for IT Users
4. Introduction to British Values
5. Environmental Sustainability
6. Healthy Living
7. Citizenship
8. Health and Safety
9. Managing Personal Finance
10. Mental Health and Well-Being
11. Personal Health and Well-Being
12. Personal Safety
13. Preventing Plastic Pollution
14. Understanding Employment, Business and Enterprise
15. Food Safety in Catering

Contact Ronnie Tanna: 07745 984 930 or Pritesh Bhudia: 07305 919 140

Excellent professional service for you to achieve results.

Cindy Mart, Sudbury

Professional tutoring agency!

Michael, Harrow

Our organisation used Customised Curriculum to improve our staff's IT skills in using Excel spreadsheet. We were provided with a professional trainer, resources and support.

Ameet Radia, Simpson Reid Property Consultants

Good dedicated tutors for maths lessons, booked them for my son and daughter's gcse and a level maths tuition.

Kirpal Singh, Wembley

Very good teaching agency with good teachers and resources provided. Reasonable rates, Highly recommended.

JC Chou, Stanmore